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Magellan Aerospace has developed core competencies that are industry leading. The ability to identify, develop, and introduce new products or product improvements has allowed Magellan to leverage the capabilities in its core product areas to penetrate new markets.

Magellan’s Specialty Products result from a consistent and disciplines application of current capabilities to new market opportunities.

Skills and knowledge from aerospace manufacturing have been transferred to selected high-tolerance non-aerospace applications such as industrial power generation.



Wire Strike Protection System (WSPS™)

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For information about Magellan’s WSPS please contact: wsps@magellan.aero


Magellan Aersospace designs and manufactures the Wire Strike Protection System (WSPS™). It’s the cutting edge in helicopter safety, providing a measure of protection from accidents and fatalities caused by inadvertent wire strikes. Magellan’s Winnipeg operating division is the global expert for this system with more than 30 years of experience and 20,000 kits deliveried.

The Magellan WSPS™ is designed to guides wires over the fuselage into high tensile steel cutting blades. It is comprised of:

  • Upper cutter
  • Lower cutter
  • Windshield deflector

Magellan works directly with helicopter OEMs to design kits that interface with each helicopter’s unique airframe. The WSPS™ is designed and tested to function as a protection system. The US Army thoroughly tested WSPS using a pendulum swing test at the NASA Impact Dynamic Test Facility in Langley. No other product has the same technical heritage as the WSPS™.

The Magellan WSPS™ has more than 30 years of experience with
proven results:


  • More than 20,000 kits delivered
  • Available for more than 65 models of military and commercial helicopters
  • Maintenance free and passive system